Live Sound Engineering

With over 15 years working as a professional musician, James knows how important it is to have your sound just right at any event whether it is a full band performing, a musical duo, accoustic ar someone speaking. James Billington Sound and Music offers a fantastic PA and sound engineering service to ensure that your event's sound runs smoothly and offers musicians and other users exactly what they need to put on a great show.


Live music 

Behringer X32 digital desk with remote iPad monitoring. 40 input channels and up to 25 outputs. 

A range of quality wireless and wired microphones for vocals. AKG is James' personal choice.

Sennheiser E606 super-cardioid guitar cab mics. 

Drum kit mics: Kick, toms and snare (Samson), overhead condensers (Behringer).

Stage box with 15m snake to keep a tidy and good looking stage. 


Behringer 12”, 1000w active speaker tops.

RFC 310 10", 800w active speaker tops.

Behringer 15”, 500w active subs. 

Floor monitors and in ear monitor capability. 

Other stuff 

All mic stands, leads and power extensions provided. 

Multi-channel recording ability. 

Other event sound 

Use of multiple wireless hand held microphones, as well as wireless lavalier (clip on) microphones, perfect for conferences, large gatherings and church services. 

Playing recorded music to suit the occasion either in the background or as part of the act/presentation.

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