Mini PA Hire

This equipment is perfect for a smaller event and can be used for projecting sound of speeches or other spoken word events, small live music set ups including solo acts, singers with guitars or keyboards and even backing tracks. 

Recorded music can be played from your iPod or computer through this system too to provide either background music or your own little disco at the end of the night. 

This equipment is very easy to use and will be essentially set up to plug in and play however, the following choice of service is offered: 

Collect and receive training on how to set up and operate. Equipment collected from your event location. 

Delivered to your event location and set up for you followed by operation training. 

Alternatively, take all the stress out of it and have the sound engineer take care of all of it for you and operate the sound live. 


Behringer QX1002USB mini desk. 10 input channels. Excellent FX system. Fold back monitor ability. 

10" active RCF speakers x 2

8” active Pro Sound speakers x 2. 

Choice of quality AKG handheld microphones (wireless and wired). 

Wireless lavalier (clip on) microphones. 

Microphone stands, speaker stands, power extensions and audio cables provided. Even spare batteries for wireless microphones!

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Lighting hire  

James Billington Sound and Music can offer a selection of stage lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for live acts and the audience who receive them.   

Whilst this package is not a full lighting rig designed for large stages and big outdoor events, it is perfect for smaller stages, function gigs and other similar events.   

What’s on offer...  

8 programmable LED stage lights. These are mounted on either  two T-bars or on a trellis frame.    
Two moving heads.   
Laser beam dispenser.   
Water based fog machine (check with your venue to see if this is allowed before booking!). 

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